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August 31, 2012


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…how people still waddle around here.

You know, I would love to come back. If the game pleased me without having to pay 


December 24, 2010

December 23st Field-Ops Cheats

I am sorry for posting this so late, but I was having internet connection and logging in Club Penguin issues. Well, without further ado, here are the cheats for this week’s field-ops:

After you see your spy phone blinking, click on it to go to the command room. Go to the field-ops monitor and read the message.

The instructions are to find a speaker and fix it. What other place would have a speaker other than the Night Club? Go to there and stand behind the lower left speaker, and then, answer your phone to start the mission.

This week’s game is a little bit harder than last week’s one. You have to get a bot to three different points to fix the speaker. Be sure to precisely calculate its route, so it doesn’t go to the wrong places or fall in the holes. After you use any of the rotation buttons, click the arrow to make the bot go in the desired direction. Be sure to calculate the full rotation as well, if any mistakes are made, you can click the erase button (X).

December 18, 2010

Club Penguin Secrets Page Will Be Re-Opened

For a long time the site’s secrets page has been closed. That has changed, because I decided to reopen it, so nobody has to keep searching for the posts. The page will contain:

» Current Pin Location
» Secret clothing in the month’s catalog.
» Secret furniture in the month’s catalog.
» Week’s Field-Ops Walkthrough.
» Secret Igloos.

Pretty much all the secrets in Club Penguin. The page will reopen in January 15th, 2011. Depending on the updates, the page sometimes will be closed for a couple of hours, or days. If you have any suggestions, post them in the comment section below!

Thanks for your support!

December 17, 2010

Holiday Party 2010 Cheats

Club Penguin’s christmas party has arrived yesterday, which is a little bit weird, because it was planned for today. Let’s go for the secrets.

First of all, the Snow Globe Pin can be found in the Dock.

For non-members, Club Penguin has brought the Reindeer Antennas again, and you can find ’em in the Ski Village.

For members you can play the Santa Sled game and win the Santa’s Bag. Play the sleigh game and deliver 15 presents to win it.

Image by Club Penguin CP.

There is also a secret room, that you can throw baubles as snowballs! You can go to it from the Town or Plaza.

Also, Rockhopper has arrived with Coins for Change! There are donation points all over the island and in his ship as well!

You can donate for:

● Build safe places.
● Protect the earth.
● Provide medical help.

You can donate the following amounts of coins:

● 100
● 500
● 800
● 5000

Happy holidays everyone!

December 16, 2010

December 16th Field-Ops Cheats

I wanted to post this earlier but I wasn’t sure about the day the field-ops are released. So here is the walkthrough.

The message says that they found some tire tracks leading to the Ski Village, and they ask you to investigate. Go there and stand behind the tour guides booth.

Your phone you will be ringing, so answer. You will have to play a simple game of passwords. You have four shapes, and have to put them in the right places. After you put the shapes click on scan; if the shapes are in the right place the circle will be green. If the shapes are right in the wrong place, the circle will be yellow. If the shapes are wrong, the circle will be red. The game is pretty much easier than I thought, and it’s quite fast to complete it.

Penguin Style Catalog Dec/10 Cheats

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Lets’s get this site on back again by updating our clothing catalog with this month secrets!

For the Blue Fuzzy Hat, click on the second F on the coffee shop sign.

For the Candy Cane Wing Warmers click on the yellow puffle next to the penguin.

For the Blue Striped Scarf and the Blue Mittens, simply click on the top of the pine trees.

For the Snowboard Boots, click on the green bauble in the christmas tree decoration.

For the Brown Teal Cap (300 coins) and the Green Vest (450 coins) click on the pine tree.

For the Blue Striped Scarf, click on the orange penguin’s flipper.

For the Red Viking Helmet, click on the fish. For the Blue Viking Helmet, open and close the red one four times

For the Crook & Flail, click on the ghost’s face.

December 13, 2010

I’m Back… Again

I guess we never actually quit for good. Eventually we will get back, but who knows when we are really going to quit… Recently, I logged in Club Penguin to refresh good memories. That wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t went on Miniclip to play a game my friend recommended me (Gravity Guy). So I logged on my account, which was almost covered by spider webs (metahorically speaking), and started playing. And then I stared at my inventory, full of member items, which I couldn’t use. God knows why, I felt to buy a membership; and I did. Now I feel compromised to pay for the 12 Month membership which cost 85 reals (49 dollars) I spent. And what better way of doing that, than getting back to help you and posting? To start, I’ll help with a common issue I’ve been seeing.

Field-Ops Booth.

When you check the field ops board, Gary talks about a booth. I couldn’t think of other booth than the Stage one. Its’ simple, just go to the Plaza and get inside the booth. Then complete the puzzle. I have already completed the puzzle, so my apologies for not having the pictures.

September 17, 2009

I am sorry

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Gardenax told me something, in that post which I was cursing to you. I guess I was really angry and stressed, so I think I’m going back posting, thanks for the advice, GardenaxI was being to stupid and selfish, and I was really, really stressed. Comment, and tell this site. If somebody gets me a lot of viewers, I may give him a prize.

April 17, 2009

Better Igloos Catalog Cheats (APR-MAY)

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The new furniture catalog is themed with beautiful decorations, including plants and flowers! As always, there are some secrets, and here they are:


Since there are flowers you need one of these to carry them huh? So click on the bottom plant of the Poodle Plant.
It's time to carry your flowers!

Picket Fence:

Need to close your garden? Click on the right corn plant.
Close your garden with these amazing fences!

Disco Ball:

Wanna dance with shiny lights? Click on the Eletric Guitar Shadow Box.
Get back to the past with one those balls.

White Puffle Poster:

Want a poster from your white puffle? Click on the word “Puffle”

Ice Table:

Want a stylish table? Click the Koi Pond.


Want a fish? Click the Pinãta.
Always wanted a fish, huh?

-Club Penguin Cheats Office Staff

April 16, 2009

Upcoming Events

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Here are the upcoming events:
You see the events, don't you?

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